Coping with Stressed-out Employees in your Small Business?

If you run, or are employed in, a small business that is struggling to cope with the stress generated by this pandemic, give Yoga Therapy a try.

What does Yoga Therapy look like for Stress Management?

  • Easy, healing movement (no change of clothes required)
  • Conversational sharing about personal, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Experiential practices to calm, rebuild and re-engage
  • The group dynamic is a catharsis that gives strength and stamina to stay focused and positive

It is a cost-effective, enjoyable way to lower stress and boost the immune system and morale. Try it for 2 - 6 weeks and see how production, engagement, and attitudes shift toward the positive. See About for more description of my service to yoga.

Online Offerings

See sidebar schedule. Contact me for information for 1, 2 or 20 private sessions. Please visit Noble Heart Yoga on Facebook (link top right) for events and getting inspired.

Confronted with a challenge in your life that needs careful attention?  Contact me for yoga therapy sessions.  Private and small group.